Swimming Improvements and Optimization

Learn how swimmers gain a competitive advantage with TritonWear.

This whitepaper dives deep into the numbers to explore how much improvement TritonWear swimmers see in a season, and how metrics come into play in improving long term and optimizing strategies for racing success.

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What's Inside

Explore what it means to effectively utilize data and take the guesswork out of swim training.

TritonWear Improvement Statistics

An analysis of race results between TritonWear and non-TritonWear swimmers.

This chapter reveals how TritonWear's swimmers' improvement rates within 1 season compare to non-TritonWear swimmers, at the club and NCAA levels.

Long-term Metrics Development

An analysis of how speed relates to Distance per Stroke, Time Underwater, and Stroke Index, to identify where focus should be for long term improvements. 

This chapter looks at how metrics vary between swimmers at different skill levels.

Metrics Optimization and Race Strategy

A study of the impacts of Distance per Stroke and Time Underwater to Speed, to identify optimal race strategies in the short term.   

This chapter looks at how swimmers can optimize their metrics for racing success, while working towards long term gains.