2017-18 NCAA Championship Comparison

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2017-2018 NCAA Comparison e-book (1)

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Improve Swimming Training with TritonWear

Master your Data

The Triton Device captures and transmits key metrics in real time, enabling better feedback.

• A small device tucks comfortably under the cap, to collect data on every lap

• Calculates and transmits 13 metrics, including those mentioned in the analysis, and more

Perfect your Training

The TritonWear dashboard enables coaches and athletes to quantify and address findings efficiently.

• Compare metrics to peers, and professionals

• Identify and address trends over time

• Track competition results progression

Conquer your Competition

With optimized individual training, practice is more efficient and fun, and competitions see better results.

• Improve race outcomes

• Reduce training injury

• Increase athlete retention and engagement


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