Mastering Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

Mastering Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

Freestyle Swimmer Illustration

Want to know the secret behind how to swim freestyle faster?

If you’re tired of trying to out-smart bad swimming habits and sacrificing your technique for workout intensity you need to start swimming with intent, focus, and desire to refining your stroke skills.  In swimming, you are only as good as your technique. This comprehensive eBook will teach you the core principles of mastering your freestyle technique.



With this eBook you’ll learn how to:

check-mark-3-16 (1) maintain an ideal body position to minimize drag

check-mark-3-16 (1)work on balance and stability for an efficient body rotation

check-mark-3-16 (1)maximize power with body rotation and move through the water with ease

check-mark-3-16 (1)up-kick to stabilize your body and down-kick to push you forward

check-mark-3-16 (1)allow your breath to set the tempo and sync your stroke

check-mark-3-16 (1)develop a catch and pull that propels you through the water