How Swimmers Gain a Competitive Advantage with TritonWear

There are no shortcuts to swimming faster, but there are faster ways to improve.

TritonWear's tools are designed to help swimmers train to their full potential, progress quickly and steadily throughout the season, and gain a competitive advantage in all their races.

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What's Inside

Explore how you can gain the intel you need to swim faster with the new TritonWear

Track Training
Learn what metrics TritonWear tracks, how they play off one another, and how tracking training every day can keep you healthier in and out of the pool.
Diagnose Weaknesses
Find out how Triton 2 takes the guesswork out of training and how you can use it to stay ahead of your competition.
Master Progress
Explore how TritonWear's new dashboards and reports can help you stay on track and hit every goal.