Improve Faster with Focused Iterative Training


There are no shortcuts to swimming faster, but there are faster ways to improve.

The Focused Iterative Training framework is designed to help swimmers leverage their data so they can:

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Stay engaged in their training and unlock their full potential

Check mark (2)See their technique and fitness improvements  throughout the season

Check mark (2)Gain a competitive advantage in all of their races


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What's Inside

Focused Iterative Training

A simple, repeatable process for coaches and swimmers to use together so they can quickly identify and address the areas that will deliver the biggest improvements.


1. Observe

Teach your swimmers how to look into their training data and scores to see how small changes in their load, skills, and intensity impact their performance.


2. Discover

They will find the areas where a few tweaks can lead to even more success and learn how to benchmark their current status and set SMART goals to improve.


3. Adjust

Test different techniques and sets to find the right mix of skills and their respective targets (e.g. Stroke Rate vs DPS), practice hitting the values that lead to an increase in speed, then test under pressure to ensure the change is acquired.

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