How to Maximize Your Training with Swimming Gear

From kick-boards to pull buoys to snorkels and parachutes, there is a huge range of swimming training equipment available to competitive swimmers. However, you must be careful not to use swimming supplies for the wrong reasons - cutting corners won't help you in the long run.

Using technology to track training can help you determine which traditional swimming equipment is most valuable for your training goals.

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How Tracking Training Works


The TritonWear Platform

TritonWear lets you focus on each component of a race independently, perfecting technique in isolation to improve overall performance.

#1 Outfit the Team

Meet TritonWear

The Triton unit is a sleek, wearable device which can be easily tucked under an athlete’s cap or attached to goggle straps to collect data during a workout.

  • Comfortable to wear during training
  • Transferable between athletes
  • Start session with whole squad in 2 minutes or less
  • Automatic workout notifications after practice
#2 Track Training

Track From Anywhere

Experience a new level of training with real-time data on deck, and access to trends over time. Who knew training with advanced sport science tools and data could be this easy!

  • Simultaneous tracking
  • Automatic workout builds
  • Multiple tile view options
  • Customizable Training Groups
  • Real-time results 
#3 Act On Insights And Win

Identify roadblocks, streamline training and WIN!

  • Stay on track towards goals
  • Monitor training load to avoid injury
  • Analyze starts, strokes and transitions separately
  • Compare performance across athletes 
  • Focus on improvements to deliver biggest gains 
  • And WIN!
John Atkinson
High Performance Director, Swimming Canada

“The world of international swimming is so competitive that the smallest edge can make a huge difference. We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our athletes and coaches improve, and TritonWear is definitely a part of our overall plan.”