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Find your ideal training and racing strategies, to utilize strengths and become a better competitive swimmer.

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Quick Guide to Building Successful Swim Strategies

Know your strengths and weaknesses
Your training and racing strategies will likely change over time, and learning to adapt starts with having a solid understanding of your own capabilities.

Measure your performance and if possible, review your training and racing data. Where do you excel? Which areas are holding you back?
Find the balance between training for long term development and short term racing success
Work on weaknesses at practice, develop your skills, and track your progress over time to ensure you're consistently improving long term.

At the same time, learn to capitalize on current capabilities and strengths to succeed in upcoming races. Over-reaching can lead to slower speeds.
Pro-actively prevent injury
Monitor your training load and ensure you're not over or under training. Any form of injury will prevent you from achieving peak performance in your races.