How to Become a Better Swim Coach

Keeping swimmers motivated, engaged, and performing at their best can be a challenge. With Knowledge Hub, you can find new ways to break plateaus without risking injury, while effectively inspiring and communicating with your team!

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How to Engage Your Athletes, and Keep Them Engaged

Get them involved in their own success

The Challenge
As groups grow, coaches find it difficult to guide each swimmer individually, and one on one time becomes rare. Swimmers may lose trust in the process, and by extension lose trust in their coaches.
The Solution
With TritonWear, athletes have access to the same data as the coach, allowing them to see the training they are doing, the meters they are putting in, and their incremental improvements in various areas.

This enables swimmers to approach their coaches with their own insights, and have conversations about the direction they should go.

Track their own progress

The Challenge
As important meets become few and far between, athletes may have to go long periods of time without knowing if all the hard work they are putting in will pay off.
The Solution
With TritonWear, athletes begin to track their stroke improvements on a macro level. Swimmers can see if they have improved their stroke efficiency, underwater, DPS, or any of the other metrics.

With this, they can see if their training has made their stroke better, and will be able to start training with more confidence knowing the training they are putting in will pay off when it's time for their championship meet.

Set and Track Goals

The Challenge
Process goals are an important part of improvement. Being able to improve stroke efficiency, time UW or turn time will get them closer to the final goal faster. These short term goals will engage swimmers as they can come into every practice with a clear goal in mind and can immediately view the results of the practice, allowing them to see their progress towards that goal.

However, as swimmers grow older, they become less engaged in their training, burn out as it gets harder to improve, and get less one on one time with their coaches.
The Solution
TritonWear allows swimmers to become more engaged with their own training, track their improvements on a short term basis, and set great process goals they can work towards, and achieve day in and day out.