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TritonWear for Teams

To be effective, coaches need clarity in all areas of athlete development.

TritonWear provides this, as well as insights, so you can tailor athlete training.

Whether you are coaching a single squad or overseeing an entire nation.

TritonWear has a solution to help you build a more successful team.

Teams Activity Feed

Team Activities Feed

We create a workout card for every workout. From individual out-of-water activities to a group-wide in-pool practice.

Each card conveys the details you need at a glance, so you can see which athletes to focus on first.

Live Training View

Project your tablet to a larger screen on deck, for a deeper more engaging practice. Put down your stopwatch and focus on your swimmers. 

Teams Live Training
Teams Athlete View

Consolidated Athlete View 

Looking for a high-level understanding of how your team is doing? Your Athlete View shows you everyone's current Triton Score, and how the team is performing as a whole.

Team Structures

Create teams within teams as subdivisions, to reflect the structures of federations, clubs, schools or universities.

Teams Management
Teams Focus Laptop

Training Recommendations

Teach athletes more, in less time, with recommendations you can both access. Chat about healthy training habits and how to improve their skills. All with data to back up your observations.

If you're not embracing technology,  you risk getting left behind. 

Join dozens of Federations, hundreds of teams, and thousands of athletes just like yours.

Streamlined Team Management

It's easier than ever to manage your team, from a single squad up to an entire nation.

You can recruit and track activity across all levels with ease, set your team defaults, and even structure remote training programs.

Untapped Recruiting Potential

Recruiters are now able to engage with athletes on a much deeper level. Tracking progress without interfering in regular training.

Gain access to athlete data by creating a team with them, or receiving an invite to join their team.

Structured Remote Training

Even if swimmers are away at camps, on holidays, or on the road competing, they can track their own training.

You'll have access to all this data the moment the workout ends, from anywhere in the world.

Nested Team Layers

Whether your team has a single group, or you're tracking every layer across a nation. View each layer of your team, and drill down as far as you'd like.

See each athlete's Triton Scores, and team summary stats, as you explore your groups.

Default Team Selection

While you may be tracking several teams, there is likely one that is your primary focus. Select which team you want to see when you log in every time.

You can still explore all your teams any time you'd like. Simply visit your Teams page at any time.


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