How do metrics build better swimmers?

Learn how the data TritonWear collects can impact training with the ultimate metrics guide: easy to understand, and full of actionable insight. By gaining a full understanding of how each metric works, you can properly interpret the results and use these insights to enhance your training, so you can stay one stroke ahead! Discover how swim metrics can help improve performance!

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What's Inside

Identifying Strokes, Starts & Turn

Identification series, where we seek to understand the swimmer’s dive, stroke and turn types in order to efficiently log and calculate the other metrics.

Understanding Performance

Performance series, where we look at split time, speed and pace time, to understand how each is impacted by different actions, and what can be done to stabilize or improve overall results.

Counting Strokes & Breaths

Count series, where we dig into the metrics that play a big role in dictating a swimmer’s rhythm and timing in the water, which can affect a swimmer's efficiency

Evaluating Strokes

Stroking series, where we measure stroke rate, swim golf (SWOLF), Distance Per Stroke and more, to identify specific strengths and weaknesses. This is crucial to determine the best training methods for targeted performance improvements.

Optimizing Transitions

Transition series, looks at turn time, time underwater, and push-off strengths, as efforts on and off the wall can make all the difference in beating a personal best or out- touching an opponent to the wall.