What is TritonWear

TritonWear technology collects and tracks 12+ metrics for all athletes simultaneously, displays results to screens on deck in real time, and provides an easy to use interface to monitor progress and identify trends over time. We help athletes and coaches understand the intricate details of performance, so they can tailor personalized strategies and achieve better results, faster.

Providing real-time access to results for every athlete, coupled with the ability to display on unlimited screens, allows coaches to split athletes into smaller groups, and track those groups independently. Having the data delivered right to their tablet means they no longer have to focus on stopwatches, notebooks, and math to decide the next best move. Coaches simply utilize the data displayed in our app's easy to interpret graphs and charts to provide immediate personalized feedback between sets and reps. Over the course of a season, this translates to manmore hours of 1:1 time with athletes, and faster improvements, as feedback is focused only on specific movements and moments where modifications will have the largest impact on overall performance. 

About Race Analysis

As an added value to our community, we run analysis on many major events throughout the year.  This data made available on our wesite and through our mobile app, allowing our customers to actually compare their own metrics to these competitors

, to see where they need to improve to compete on an internationals stage. We are analyzing the best of the best races from worlds this week. come back often to find out:  

  • The race strategies used by each swimmer, based on the numbers
  • A lap by lap analysis of each analyzed race, detailing what worked and didn't work for each athlete
  • Clear areas to focus on for each athlete to change the outcome of the race

Check out each race below to see the full analysis, as well as to explore our exclusive interactive data points, for a length by length look at all metrics for all swimmers. 

Race Results: 

Day 1: Mens 400m Freestyle
SunYang CelebratesThe Olympians came back strong in this final event, showing Aubock hes still got some experience to gain. Aubock had secured the top seed in prelims, beating out 3 former Olympians, but was unable to hold the position against such experienced rivals. Head over to our Day 1 page to read the complete review of the race, based on metrics.


Day 2: Womens 100 Fly

Sarah Celebrates

Sarah came and conquered, as expected. Penny was unable to secure a podium position, but still had a great performance, and the numbers clearly indicate where she can focus to improve her outcome on the next race. Kelsi and Rikako both gave us a lot to think about, presenting different strategies, and Rikako' s metrics indicate she is one to watch as she grows in the sport. Check out the full analysis available now. 

Day 3: Womens 100 Back & 100 Breast

Let the record be broken
What an amazing day in racing at Budapest. So many records broken, even one coming home to Canada, thank you Kylie Masse. Check out todays analysis for not one, but two of the amazing races. Explore the different strategies contributing to the result, and see who may be the one to watch coming out of these events.

Day 4: Womens 200m Freestyle

Pellegrini Celebrates

What an incredible race. When we dig into the numbers, we can see Pellegrini holding back waiting for her opportunity to pounce. We can see fatigue set in for Katie, rightfully s0 after her performancesin the preceeding days.There is so much to learn from this race it's amazing! Dig in!



Day 5: Mens 200m IM

What an amChase celebratesazing race! Not only did we get to name a new world champion, in the absense of Phelps and Lotche, but so many different strengths and weaknesses show themselves in an IM race, they are the best to analyze. Dig deeper to see where each of these competitors excelled, and where they can work to change the outcome next year.


Day 6: Womens 100m Freestyle

Simone Celebrates

Another day at worlds, another upset in womens swimming. this time it was Sarah Sjostrom who met her match in Simone Manuel. Our Analysis will dig into how Simone brought it home in the last 25m, to take the gold medal prize.



Day 7: Mens 100m Butterfly 

Dressel Celebrates.png

As we head into the final 2 days of Worlds, the competition is still as fierce as always. We see young men like Dressel capturing not one but two gold medals inside of 30 minutes, and swimming the fastest ever textile time in the Mens 100 fly. We can't wait to share the details of this analysis with you, how did he do it?


Day 8: Womens 50m Breaststroke 

Podium smiles

The final day of this amazing competition draws to an end, but not befor one more showdown between Efimova and King. King captures the gold, and outs both Jennie Johansson as the reigning champ, and Ruta Meilutyte as the World Record in her final win.